Frequently Asked Banquet Questions


Question: Who do you contact to book a private event or larger party?

Answer: You can contact our banquet coordinator, Kaitlyn, at 412-508-1378 or at


Question: How many people can you accommodate?

Answer: We have two private rooms available. One room holds up to 40 people comfortably and the other room holds up to 80 people comfortably. You are also able to rent out the entire restaurant for larger events such as a wedding.


Question: What are your food and beverage minimums?

Answer: Our smaller private room has a $375 food and beverage minimum Monday thru Thursday (day or evening), Saturday (daytime), and Sunday (all day). The smaller room has a $750 food and beverage minimum Friday and Saturday evenings. The larger private room has a $750 food and beverage minimum Monday thru Thursday (day or evening), Saturday (daytime), and Sunday (all day). The larger room has a $3000 food and beverage minimum on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Question: Do you charge a room fee?

Answer: Yes, we charge a $50 room fee.


Question: Do you require a deposit?

Answer: Yes, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your date. The $100 deposit will be taken off your bill the day of your event. Deposits can be made by credit card. Rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis.


Question: Can you bring an outside dessert for a party?

Answer: Yes, you are more than welcome to bring any sort of dessert into the restaurant. We do charge a $0.25 per person dessert fee.


Question: Can you bring your own wine/liquor/beer?

Answer: No, you can not bring your own wine/liquor/beer.


Question: Can you customize your own menu?

Answer: Yes, you can certainly work with our banquet coordinator and chef to customize your own menu.


Question: How long can you hold an event?

Answer: Private events are typically held for 3 hours and you can come in an hour before to decorate. Surprise parties are allowed an extra half hour at no charge. If you would like extra time for your function you can add an extra half hour for $65 or an extra hour for $125.


Question: What is tax and gratuity for a private event?

Answer: Tax is 7% and gratuity is 20%.


Question: When is the final count and finalized menu due?

Answer: The final count and finalized menu is due 7 days prior to your event.


Question: Are you allowed to bring in decorations?

Answer: Yes, your are more than welcome to bring in centerpieces, balloons, etc. We do ask that you please disspose of your decorations at the end of your event. Please no confetti or glitter.


Question: Do you have a kids menu?

Answer: Yes, we do have a separate kids menu for children 10 and under. The cost is $9 and includes their beverage.